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Here's how one frazzled mum of two turned her frustrations into a successful business that helps parents just like her.

Sick of her children losing their school stuff and after laboruously naming all her kids' belongings, Dutch mother Anouk noticed that the corners of recently purchased sticky labels where all coming off, and none of her hard work was staying put! What's more, while the iron-on clothing labels she'd attached were all still stuck fast, she found to her annoyance she was unable to remove them when handing down clothes.

In her frustration, unable to find products that suited her requirements, she decided to set up her own company and called it neatlynamed. She found an easy, fun and practical way to mark all belongings and wanted to share this with other parents Through her determination and committment to her products, you can rest assured that her stickers and name labels will stay stuck while you want them to, remove easily when no longer needed and stay looking nice throughout their lifetime.

Growing in size since starting in Anouk's garage in 2002, neatlynamed.com are now a larger, enthusiastic team (mainly mums) who love to hear suggestions, comments or new ideas that you have for us!

For any questions about your order or our products, you can reach neatlynamed on weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00 on. Please check our customer service page for more information and contact details

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